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As a kid I was always very active in sports, and my main focus was on Motocross. I started racing here and there and began to take it more and more serious. Before I knew it I had exceeded all of my expectations in the sport and had taken it to a level I never thought I could. The thrill of competition and the hard work and desire to constantly improve myself, mind, body and spirit, has long been the focus that guides my life. For as long as I can remember, my ambition to be the very best at whatever I attempted has always been ingrained in my being. In 2005 I received my Professional Motocross License, But soon after I was about to take a major setback. After recovering from a serious injury I remember stepping on a scale and it reading 135lbs, I knew at that point it was time to make a change. From then on I have read/studied as much as I possibly could about training and nutrition and started applying it to myself. In two years you can see my after picture results. Once I started seeing the results I was HOOKED! From then on it just kind of evolved, and I thought how cool would it be if I could get other people the results I got myself? In August of 2007 I became an ISSA Certified Trainer/Specialist In Performance Nutrition. To be able to help people change there lives on a continuous basis is what I strive to achieve.

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Interview with Optimum Nutrition Athlete and Iron Mulisha trainer Ryan Rogerson





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