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"I sought Ryan's help with my training program and diet in preparation for the Midwest Iron Man Bodybuilding Contest. Ryan's guidance helped me pinpoint the target areas I needed to bring into focus. His excellent research skills and understanding of human movement let me achieve my results without the risk of injury. His motivation inspired me to continue with training whene my energy was at its lowest. Due in large part to Ryan, I was able to win the contest in my weight division."     - J. Orr



"For the majority of my life, I have gone to a gym and read muscle magazines. When I decided to hire a personal trainer and was assigned to Ryan at a local gym. I told him how much 'I KNEW' about working out and that I am not sure I really needed a personal trainer. His reply was one sentence. 'Even Tiger Woods has a coach!' I told myself he had a good point and kept an open mind. Over the next 30 minutes I knew what a difference having his expertise and guidance meant. And it was confirmed weeks and months later when the results in my changed physique were apparent. If anyone is considering hiring a personal trainer, I would whole heartedly recommend Ryan as he cares about his clients and their goals."     - K. Pope, Oswego, IL


"For 20 years I've been challenged with being overweight. Always having life's events determine what my end result was going to be. Food was my drug of choice. I've tried fad diets, supervised diets, pill diets, etc. I never looked the way I wanted to when I was finished. I was too fat in some areas, too skinny in other areas, no muscle tone, and always felt deprived and tired. I always gained back what I lost!

When I met Ryan Rogerson in December of 2007 it was right before Christmas. I knew I had to make a financial investment in myself. Besides, I was eating 7,000 to 10,000 calories a day and I figured the investment would be a wash financially. I was right! Ryan turned me on to a nutritionist and she put me on a 2100 calorie diet. I thought for sure I would be hungry all the time. Where was I going to get the energy to workout every day with that little bit of food? Boy was I wrong! Sure that first week of workouts was trying, but I felt muscle tone in areas I hadn't felt in 20 years!

Training with Ryan 3 days a week for an hour I lost 40 Pounds in 6 months! The absolute BEST part was I lost the weight proportionately! When I was done I fit in clothes sizes I hadn't fit into in over 30 years!

  • My neck went from 19 inches down to 16.75 inches!
     - I now comfortable wear a 17 Shirt!
  • My chest went from 49.5 inches down to 43 inches!
    - I now comfortably fit in a 46 suit!
  • My hips went from 45 inches down to 41 inches!
    - I now comfortably fit in 38 slacks!
  • My waist went from 46.5 down to 40!
  • All the while my thighs, calfs, and forearms got bigger!

Ryan has made all the difference! When I first met with him, I told him exactly what I wanted to look like. Exactly what I wanted to accomplish. He devised workouts geared specifically to helping me hit my goals! Along the way if one body part looked like it was starting to suffer or look underdeveloped he tweaked the workouts accordingly. With a 60 hour work week the norm in my life, it would have been easy to say I don't have time to work out, or dog my workout because Im tired or stressed. Ryan never let me quit! It was a complete team effort. I followed Ryan's direction to the book and with incredible results. I changed my philosophy of exercise completely. I now do my workouts in the middle of the morning as a stress release 3 times a week. I go back to work with more energy, and more focused. The people I work with like it that way! I know I would never be this far ahead without Ryan. I know I would have made excuses to quit, or give up. With my schedule there is no way I had the time to educate myself on how to exercise properly and what workouts to do. Ryan will always change up the workout to keep it from feeling like drudgery. He is enthusiastic, encouraging, yet knows right when to push me just that little bit further to maximize my results."

- T. Wilhelmi   



"Ryan is the gold standard that every personal trainer should try to emulate. Not only is Ryan well-trained and skilled in personal fitness, he is genuinely dedicated to his profession and clients. Most important of all is that he makes training fun! Over the last year, he devised for me a program that has been progressively challenging. My physical ability, strengths and weaknesses, and level of endurance are some of the factors that he considered when devising this regimen. At each and every session I am challenged, not frustrated. I have fun and derive a huge satisfaction from my newfound accomplishments that Ryan enables me to achieve. Moreover, no two sessions are ever the same as Ryan mixes it up by introducing new exercises and techniques that keep my interest. I am thrilled with the results that he has helped me achieve and I highly recommend to anyone who is unhappy with their appearance and ready to make the commitment for a healthy change. Commit to training with Ryan and he will commit himelf to helping you achieve your goals and making it a rewarding experience."     - Paula


"When I came to you in March I said my main goal was lowering cholesterol, and overall getting better tone.

My LDL in Feb was 161, HDL was 50. Overall cholesterol was 238.

After being in the gym the past few months and working with you for those 5-6 weeks plus really sticking to the diet and keeping up on my own, my LDL is now 129!!! HDL still at 50-which is good. Triglycerides at 85 (down from 112). Overall cholesterol is now 196!! Still have a little work to do but I'm out of the "need medication" category! Not to mention that my clothes are fitting and looking better and I just feel healthier.

I can’t thank you enough for showing me a better way to eat and exercise and accomplish exactly what I wanted! I could not have done it on my own. Who would have thought that eggs and Protein Powder would be my new best friend??

I haven’t been in the gym nearly as much as before, but it's so nice out that I've just been doing some weights at home and core stuff, and then lots of fast walking with the dogs. I do need to get in there more regularly again.

Wanted to let you know that all of it has made a difference and I appreciate everything. I feel and look better thanks to you."     
- Loreta


My 16 week journey with Ryan Rogerson

"I began my journey to get in better shape for summer by trying to decide how best to lose weight, I've tried many different methods in the past and some have worked and some have not, the ones that have worked I usually lost the weight too quickly and didn't look good or I felt like crap the entire time. So this time I wanted to do it right. I have a very busy schedule and didn't have time to read logs or articles. I decided that investing in someone to write me a diet and routine would pay off greatly in the end

I am very glad I made that decision. I started by emailing online trainers and calling local trainers and made the decision to hire Ryan based on his feedback online, competitive pricing and willingness to take on a first timer.

I have health issues and have had previous issues that affect my cutting ability as well as other aspects of my life. Ryan helped me power through these issues and leave them on the back burner.


I began this journey at 210 pounds with a lot of excess body fat and sip displeasure with my overall appearance. I was not following a regular routine and was lifting when I could find the time and eating like crap. I also liked to go out on the weekends and party.


Ryan wrote a diet plan for me consisting of 5 meals a day and around 1500 calories. He also gave me a lifting routine that only consisted of exercises I could perform using the equipment I have at my home gym (I had to adapt/ change nothing). He put me on a 3 day on 1 day off and repeat routine, I was taking a class 3 days a week in the mornings and working full time afternoon shift so there were quite a few workouts I didn't complete. I stuck to the diet plan much better than I thought I would be able to especially since I am not used to eating the same thing every day. I was consistently losing 1.5-2 pounds a week and noticing changes in the mirror weekly. At around week 7 or 8 other people were starting to also notice. My clothes were no longer fitting as well and I was using the last notch on my belt! I was starting to feel good about my progress. Every time I was tired of eating the same thing everyday or not seeing the results I was wanting Ryan helped me push through the mental walls I was experiencing. I also learned quite a bit about myself during this time. I am not nearly as mentally strong as I thought I was. I did cheat on my diet, and drank a few times. I also realized how important sleep truly is. There were many times where I wanted to workout before school but didn't have the energy to get out of bed.

The end results:

In the end I lost 35 pounds and got my short term goal of 175 pounds! This is the first time since high school I have been 175 pounds. My first drivers license when I was 16 had my weight at 180. I graduated college (2007) wearing size 38 waist pants and yesterday bought 32 inch waist pants yesterday! I look leaner I feel better and have been sleeping much better. I will find out shortly what has changed overall when I get my blood work back. I am extremely happy with the end results and think I could have ended up at 170 or less had I given it 100% for all 16 weeks, but that is what happens when you aren't mentally prepared.

My thanks to Ryan:

I truly do not believe I could have done this without his guidance and expertise, I have dieted before and I maintained strength and energy throughout the majority of this time, which I have never been able to do in the past. He kept me motivated and helped me through the difficult times and the mental barriers I was going through. He also changed things up when I asked him to as well as gave me suggestions on how to prepare the food to make it more appetizing. He responded promptly to all of my emails and text messages and always helped me stay positive. I am well on my way to having the physique I've wanted for a long time and don't think i would be this close if it weren't for his help."       
- Matt


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